2-2-00: Added to People of the World: Send Elian Back to Cuba and Chris Reeve's Head gets more work...

Added to Message board pics: The Many loves of N30


1-19-00: Added to People of the World: Whitney Houston's Next Movie....


1-16-00: After a long period of doing nothing, I've come back to change the look of the Photo Gallery and add these files:

Under Message Board Pics:
My name is Bond
Paulson Computers
The adventures of Jesus and Rexbo
Happy Holidays 1999
Hotties on the beach

Under People of the World:
Lt. Dave Grossman vs. Doom
The Dark Lord's Prayer

Under Things you'll never see:
New Value America Logo

Under National Tattler:
national tatter 7 and 8

Under Unused Pics:
The adventures of Jesus and Paulson

9-26-99: Ronnie the Hedgehog duz Xeno was added to the site


8-30-99: Fun with Xenogears added plus some websites under "LINKS"

8-29-99: National Tattler 6 added


8-15-99: Also added: Fabio gets the Bird

8-15-99: Three pictures added: The Sand Witch Project and two pictures under Brad Dosland vs. The World


8 - 14- 99: This is the third overhaul of my site

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